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  • Catalog #:1122

  • Scientific Name:Ergosterol

  • Common Name:Ergosterol

  • Empirical Formula:C28H44O

  • CAS#:57-87-4

  • SDS:View Safety Data Sheet

  • Data Sheet:View Data Sheet

  • Formula Weight:397

  • Unit:100 mg

  • Solvent:none

  • Purity:90%

  • Analytical Methods:TLC, GC

  • Melting Point:156-158°C

  • Solubility:chloroform

  • Physical Appearance:solid

  • Storage:-20℃

  • Dry Ice:No

  • Hazardous:No


Application Notes:

麦角甾醇是一种存在于酵母和真菌膜中的甾醇,但在植物或动物中不存在。它调节膜的流动性、渗透性和厚度,使其对膜的稳定性至关重要麦角甾醇可与鞘脂微域结合,而鞘脂微域在膜的组织和功能中具有重要作用麦角甾醇是维生素D2的有用前体,暴露在紫外线照射下就会转化。由于麦角甾醇存在于酵母和真菌膜中,但不存在于植物或动物中,因此麦角甾醇是抗真菌药物的有效靶点和真菌生物标志物2 .真菌Agaricus blazei Murill被认为具有几种有益的饮食特性,麦角甾醇被认为是具有抗肿瘤活性的化合物麦角甾醇是酵母胁迫信号转导的重要生理靶点。

Ergosterol is a sterol that is found in yeast and fungal membranes but is not present in plants or animals. It modulates the fluidity, permeability and thickness of membranes making it critical for membrane stability.1 Ergosterol that is incorporated into membranes may associate with sphingolipids in microdomains which appear to have important roles in membrane organization and function.2 Ergosterol is a useful precursor to vitamin D2 and is converted when exposed to UV irradiation. Due to its being found in yeast and fungal membranes, but not in plants or animals, ergosterol is a useful target for antifungal drugs and as a fungal biomarker.3 The fungus Agaricus blazei Murill has been recognized as having several beneficial dietary properties and ergosterol was identified as the compound responsible for its anti-tumor activity.4 Yeast uses ergosterol as an important physiological target of stress signaling.5

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